Respecting the decision of the University, SISTec Ratibad campus organized induction program for first year students, from 15th Jan to 19th Jan.2018, under which various activities are scheduled for benefit of students.

Day 1 [15.01.18]
The program started with the address by Principal Dr Jyoti Deshmukh madam in which she awakened the consciousness of students from her motivational words and realized them the responsibility towards country, society and family. She highlighted the best practices and systems already adopted by the Institute for efficient and smooth academic as well as learning for the students. She gave three mantras pathan, chintan & manan and lekhan to the students to improve their better learning practices.
Vice-principal Dr. Ekta Mishra explained the goals of induction program .she encouraged the students to be consistent and work hard in their studies for them to successfully achieve their career goals. she encouraged the students share their career plans.

Day 2 [16.01.18]
The beginning of the session coincided with the 50-minute online diagnostic test for the students, in which mentors reviewed their areas of strength and weakness.
A wonderful and inspiring lecture was delivered by Mr. K K Dubey Sir on Universal Human values - Parents’ contribution & students’ responsibility. he explored the connection between the traditions, conventions, values and responsibilities. He presented a practical approach to transactional analysis.

Day 3 [17.01.18]
We organized a session on the importance of soft and verbal skills - it's necessity and steps how to achieve, for the first year students to improve their persona and employability.
Ms. Amrita Choudhury delivered a lecture and emphasized on the need for verbal and soft skills improvement. She spoke about interpersonal, leadership and management skills, verbal and nonverbal communication and how it can make be conformable and strengthened with skills to face the rapidly changing world.

Day 4 [18.01.18]
A lecture on "Professional Appearance and Body Language" was delivered by Prof. Sangeeta Kumar, Communication Skill Trainer. The students learned about how professional appearance and body language are important to acquire positive impression and admiration in workplace. She emphasized on personal hygiene habits also, that is absolutely required for the existence of an individual and to uphold a salubrious lifestyle. This session was very informative and well organized.

Day 5 [19.01.18]
"Through practice comes Yoga, through yoga comes knowledge, through knowledge - love and
through love - bliss". (By Swami Vivekananda)
In this context, a very informative session was conducted by Mr. Arun Verma, Sports Officer, on " Yoga and it's importance". Students performed various Asanas under the guidance of him and gained knowledge about benefits of Yoga practice.
With a view to strengthen the student and TG bond,to acquaint them to their grand history,and to give them a serene environment to express themselves, an excursion for first year students was organised to Bhojpur Shiv Mandir, A Heritage temple of Lord Shiva.
All mentors delightfully engaged their students in various communication Games,Group Discussions and physical activities which they had meticulously planned, and rewarded their students for their active participation.
Students had a great learning and fun throughout the day with their peer and their mentors.
Presence of Vice Principal Dr. Ekta Mishra made the occasion very special and encouraging for all.
This excursion marked a perfect culmination of Induction Program with moments of pragmatic and perspective learning for students of SISTec Ratibad Campus.

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