International Yoga Day

Yoga is an aligned regime for our mind, body and soul, so on the occasion of the 4th International Yoga Day, 21st June ‘18’ SISTec-R, Ratibad campus celebrated this important day as a mark of ‘Good Health Day’. It was started with the delivery of lecture by an expert about the significance of Yoga for healthy life. It was successfully conducted at “Celebrations” i.e. yoga venue initiated with various Pranayama and Asanas. HODs, Faculty members and studentsperformed some of pranayama like; Om chanting, Bhastrikato raise theirbody metabolic rate high. This was further followed by various Asanas of ‘Surya Namaskar’ and then after Sabasanas (meditation) was done to relax their body to its normal state.

Around70 participants participated with an immense zeal and enthusiasm. They performed different Pranayama and Asanas to unify their mind, body and soul in a right alignment. They learnt the importance of good health devoid of any physical ailment and mental stress. This is truly said “a healthy mind lies in a healthy body”.

So, the purposes of celebration of Yoga Day are;

·        To make them understand the importance of good health

·        To build up strength, flexibility and confidence

·        To align mind, body and soul

·        To experience self-awareness and purpose of life

·        To make their body toxins free and agile

·        To diminish disorder of visceral organs

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