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Welcome to SolarMania-2k15!! @ Sagar Group of Institutions (SISTec)
Aiming of spreading out the creativity, science, recent technology & their applications, Sagar Institute of Science, Technology & Research (SISTec-R), Bhopal is going to organize a Techno-Science Event for all the students of Sagar Group of Institutions. SISTec-R has taken initiative to make a statement-a statement that will challenge all preconceived notions, and the statement that will change the very way we think about energy resources. It's a nice initiative to save our nature as well as to promote the use of one of the very beautiful renewable sources of energy, i.e. 'Solar Energy'. 
Need: Majority of engineers do not come across the practical use of solar panels as they study only in books but forget to think over significance of 'learning by doing'. This may be due to lack of opportunity they look for. Such opportunities make the students and faculty understand the convenient use of 'beautiful' solar power. This is an interesting approach to bridge the gap between theory and practice. 
Theme: In the Sunlight, there is a photon excess which needs to be converted into useful work. It's high time to realize that we are the revolution, and revolutions start on an Axis. We invite students to make the best use of the photons that are all around them. Their objective will be to make a boat which uses sunlight as its power source and perform simple tasks. 
Problem Statement: The participants are supposed to design a solar boat by using solar panels. The boat must be autonomous and cannot be externally controlled. The boats designed in this way will then enter the boat racing competition. 
Event Details:
Date: 2nd November 2015
Venue: Swimming Pool Arena
Team Size: 2 (maximum) per boat
Boat Specifications: 40X30X30 (lXbXh)
Panel Specifications: 5 Watt, 10 Volts (arranged by the management committee)
Contact Persons:
  1. Prof. Mukesh Mishra       9826765090
  2. Prof. Ankit Gupta            7583026886
  3. Prof. Anupam Singh        9039496078
Prof. Chandrakumar Pardhi  & 
Prof. Er Piyush Kumar Soni

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