A week long Campus to Corporate Training Program conducted by Civil Department

A week long campus to corporate training program was organised by Civil Department, SISTec-R for students of 8th Semester from 15th Feb 2016 to 19th Feb 2016.

This training was planned for students of department for upcoming campus drives. The schedule and syllabus of training was according to the need of interview and requirement of construction industries .

 Following are the details of conduction of training program by various faculties.                  

DAY 1: Training on‘building materials and their properties and basic civil engineering concepts’ - by Mr. Saurabh jain

As a civil engineering student, it is very important to know about physical and mechanical properties of building materials.

Keeping this point in mind, first day was dedicated to the lecture on building materials,such as bricks, concrete, reinforcement materials, etc. And their properties . The concepts of basic civil engineering were also discussed.

Day 2: Training on‘basic building components and layout of building’ -by Mr. Ajit jain

Building planning and preparation of its detail drawings is the first step of construction. A layout is a plan of building on actual ground. To draw plan of building from paper to ground is necessary for providing proper direction to the construction work.

The above topics were first discussed in classroom lecture and after that the students were asked to prepare the layout of building in field.

On the same day, discussion was on laboratory test of different building materials. Students were asked to conduct the test themselves. All the laboratory test were assisted by mr. Chadrashekhar gayakward, lab assistant, civil engineering dept.

Day 3: Training on‘basic surveying: definition, leveling, concepts of surveying etc.’   -by Mr. Ajit jain

Surveying actually helps to know the ground reality on which the project is proposed.

In this session, the concepts of surveying, leveling, etc.were revisied.proper use of various instruments, such as digital planimeter, was summarized.

In second half of the session, students were given the task of surveying ground profile and various structures using relevent instruments.

Day 4: training on‘basics of analysis and design of structure, introduction and use of codes’  - by Mr. Satyendra singh rajpoot

As structure analysis and design is essential part of civil engineering, a whole day lecture was conducted on this topic.

Various methods of analysis of structure were discussed in brief. Also  designing of various components was done. Applications of various Indian standard codes were also revised.

Later on, related tests were conducted in structure lab. Along with that a visit was made to pavement blocks -making unit.

Day 5: training on‘basics of estimations, units, conversion, measurements, quantity analysis’ - by Ms. Daksha sanadhya

Knowledge of units and unit conversion is the basic tool of technology. For proper completion of any project, economy is an important criteria. For this estimation and costing is very important. It is an elementary knowledge which is expected from civil engineers.


These topic were covered on the last day of training. In second half, the task of material estimation of the building of civil department was given to the students.

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