Workshop on “Recent Practices on Refrigeration System” - By ME Department.

A five day training workshop was organized on "Recent practices on Refrigeration System " dated on 13th and 17th October.The motive of this workshop was to train students to design , understand ,repair and explore new avenues in the Refrigeration- Air-conditioning.Refrigeration & air conditioning is one of the promising field for a mechanical engineering .This field have vast applications in the areas like all Industries, Hospitals, Warehouses, Railways,Metros, Malls, Laboratories & many more.Knowledge gained in this workshop will certainly play a vital role in making a career in RAC.
Trainer – Mr. Praveen Khandvilkar  (Expert Trainer of RAC system, SV Polytechnique Bhopal)
Faculty Coordinator : Prof. Rajiv Pandey & Prof Anupam kumar Singh.
Highlights of this workshop:

  •     Expert session on HVAC.
  •     Familiarization of refrigeration tools, instruments & equipment.
  •     Care and maintenance of tool, instruments and equipments.
  •     Identification of various Refrigeration equipments, components of vapour compression refrigeration(VCR) system like compressor,  condenser,    expansion valve and evaporator etc
  •     Familiarization of tools, instruments and machines used circuit with various parts used in refrigeration system. Marking, cutting, filling, drilling, grinding & chipping by using hand tools and power tools.
  •     Brazing of tube joints (Cu to Cu, Cu to Steel, Cu to Brass) using (i) Air -LPG (ii) 02-LPG to fabricate set up & use of the above gases with the right torches, Brazing Filler rods.
  •     Fabrication of 2 stage cascade refrigeration system and VCRS setup with variable diameter of capillary tube.
  •     Reading and performance test and calculation of COP.

Knowledge gained in this workshop will certainly play a vital role in making a career in RAC.

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