“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”, with this quote, Sagar Group of Institutions — SISTecSISTec-E, and SISTec-R conducted the 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the theme — "QUALITY".

Dr. Tina Sachdeva (Associate Professor, SISTec MBA) and Dr. Sfurti A. Verma (Associate Professor, SISTec Ratibad) hosted the event and welcomed all with their exciting words. They invited the dignitaries for the Lamp lighting ceremony in front of Maa Saraswati and seek her blessings.

Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh (Director, Sagar Group of Institutions) started with Opening Remarks, followed by Mr. Akshat Shukla (Manager, Admissions) throwing light on the Significance of Quality in Business Development & Brand Positioning. Mr. Swajit Singh Goud (HOD Civil Engineering, SISTec RB) gave a descriptive presentation on the Standards of Quality Education Ensuring Sustainable Development @ SISTec: Academic Practices and Way Ahead. Continuing ahead Ms. Bhavana Gupta (HOD Computer Science & Engineering, SISTec-GN) gave a presentation on Dynamics of Quality to Achieve Stability. Mr. Badal Bose (Head of Corporate Training) annotated Pursuit of Quality Towards Perfection and Mr. Nitin Kumar Mishra (Associate Professor-Computer Science Engineering, SISTec RB) decoded the Project-Based Learning: An Approach for Quality Education.

Mr. Siddharth Sudhir Agrawal (Managing Director, Sagar Group) addressed the Annual General Meeting by launching the updated Objectives, Mision, and Vision of the Institution. To put things in perspective he explained Quality Education in terms of RAQ ( Responsibility, Accountability, Quality) and SFQ ( Skills, Flexibility, Quality). He also talked about the National Education Policy's benefits in terms of education for students and educators, and how SISTec should take this as an opportunity.

Honorable Chairman, Shri Sudhir Kumar Agrawal address the gathering by saying that everyone is doing great and focused work. He appreciated Mr. Siddharth Sudhir Agrawal (Managing Director, Sagar Group) for his dedication and hard work. He also mentioned the use of technology at every pace of life and concluded by wishing everyone all the best and great going.

Dr. Manish Billore (Principal, SISTec Ratibad), Dr. Keshavendra Choudhary (Principal, SISTec Gandhi Nagar), and Dr. Swati Saxena (Vice-Principal, SISTec Gandhi Nagar) also addressed the meeting keeping in view the theme of Quality. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Swati Saxena (Sr. Manager Admin & HR SISTec).

  • Date: 04-09-2021