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Sports Achievements

Sports Achievements: 2018-2019
1 International Level Selection
5 National Level Selections
19 State Level Selections

Sports Achievements: 2017-2018
6 National Level Selections
19 State Level Selections

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Sport Icon 2017

In the modern times, Games & Sports have gained tremendous popularity over the globe. The popularity of sports is still increasing at a rapid pace and this inspiring trend will be likely to continue in the future also. Sports have become an important social and cultural activity of modern world. It serves vital social and cultural functions like:

  • Sports help in the all-round development of human personality.
  • Provide sample and healthy means of recreation and relaxation of human mind and body.
  • Provide opportunities for social interaction thereby fostering peace and understanding among different people, regions, nations, races and religions.
  • Perform preventive and curative functions for several diseases and ailments inflicting human body and mind.

Provide healthy and socially acceptable opportunities for the people to compete against each other thereby touching heights of excellence of human endeavour and attainment. Therefore the prime objective of promoting games and sports in Sagar Group of Institutions of repute is to provide ample facilities to the students to pursue at least one game of his/her choice and attain proficiency, derive pleasure and relax through this healthy medium, enabling competitive world of today.

Since the inception of SISTec-R, the facilities of the following games and sports have been gradually added. Presently following games are offered both at practice and competitive level:-

  1. Athletics
  2. Football
  3. Cricket
  4. Basketball
  5. Volleyball
  6. Badminton
  7. Chess
  8. Gymnastics
  9. Handball
  10. Hockey
  11. Judo
  12. Kabaddi
  13. Kho-Kho
  14. Lawn Tennis
  15. Taekwondo
  16. Aquatic Games
  17. Weight Lifting
  18. Wrestling
  19. Yoga & Meditation
  20. Aerobics
  1. All India Inter-University Judo Championship GNDU Amritsar (PB) Suraj Singh M.E. (3rd year) SISTec-R
  2. All India Inter-University Judo Championship GNDU Amritsar (PB) Ravi kushwaha C.S.E (3rd year) SISTec-R
  3. All India Inter-University Judo Championship Guwahati, Assam Ritu Kuthe C.E. (4th year) SISTec-R
  4. International Karate Championship Held at Malaysia Ujjwal Verma C.S.E (3rd year) SISTec-R
  5. All India Inter-University Weight – Lifting Championship Univ.of Calicut kerala Himanshu Khure C.S.E (3rd year) SISTec-R
  6. All India West Zone-University Volleyball Championship Udaipur Mandeep Kr. Singh C.S.E (3rd year)
  7. RGPV State Judo Suraj Singh M.E.(3rd year) SISTec-R
  8. RGPV State Judo Ritu Kuthe C.E.(4th year) SISTec-R
  9. RGPV State Judo Ravi Kushwaha C.S.E.(3rd year) SISTec-R
  10. RGPV State Judo Abhishek Bhaskar M.E.(2nd year) SISTec-R
  11. RGPV State Volleyball Mandeep Kr. Singh C.S.E.(3rd year) SISTec-R
  12. RGPV State Cricket Abhijeet Kr. Singh M.E.(4th year) SISTec-R
  13. RGPV State Kabaddi Dhanjay Singh C.E.(4th year) SISTec-R
  14. RGPV State Kabaddi Nitish Kumar M.E.(4th year) SISTec-R
Harsh Karanjia of CSE 1st Year represented the Basketball State Level Tournament organised at MITS College Gwalior in which he got selected for National Level to be held at Udaipur.

3 students participated in Judo State level tournament organised at SGSITS UJJAIN and they are selected for Judo National level to be held at Chandigarh (boys) and Pune (girls). The selected students are Ritu Khuthe- CE- 3rd Year; Sakshi Singh- CE- 2nd Year; Ravi Kushwaha- CSE- 2nd Year.

2 students participated in State level Volleyball Tournament organised at ORIENTAL College, Bhopal and got selected at National level to be held Jabalpur (boys) and Jaipur (girls). The selected students are Lalita Prasad- EE-4th Year and Mandeep Kumar Singh- CSE-2nd Year.

Anil Kumar Yadav-EE- 3rd Year participated in Nodal level Swimming Tournament organised at SISTec-Bhopal and got selected for State level to be held at RGPM, Bhopal

8 students got selected for State Level Tournament .The selected students are Yaman Ahmed Siddiqui-ME-4th Year, Birendra Kumar-ME-4th Year, Shivam Shree- ME-4th Year, Ravi Kushwaha-CSE- 2nd Year, Suraj Singh-EE- 2nd Year, Ritu Khuthe- CE-3rd Year, Sakshi Singh-CE- 2nd Year, Lalita Prasad- EE- 4th Year.

3 students participated in Volleyball Nodal Level Tournament organised at TIT, Bhopal and got selected for State Level. The selected students are Lalita Prasad- EE- 4th Year, Mandeep Kumar Singh-CSE-2nd Year, Ankit Kumar Sinha- ME- 2nd Year.

7 students participated in Cross country Nodal level Tournament organised at RGPM Bhopal and they got selected for State Level. The selected students are Raja Kumar Singh-CE- 4th Year, Raj Kumar Mahato-ME-4th Year, Shivam Shree- ME-4th Year, Arti Saretiya- EC- 4th Year, Deepa Verma- CSE-4th-Year, Ritu Khute- CE-3rd Year, PRACHI Kharkate- CE- 3rd Year.

The College regularly participates in various Inter-Institution, Inter-Districts, and Inter-Division tournaments. Every year 5 to 10 students are selected to represent the Rajiv Gandhi Technical University to participate in All India Inter-University tournaments every year in number of games. Within the institute Inter-Branch competitions in number of sports and games are also held every year.

The institution presently has the following playfields and indoor sports areas/spaces/courts.