Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering of SISTec-R organized a Tech TALK on "Intellectual Property Rights(IPR)" on 11th February 2019. The session was taken by (Dr.) N.K. Choubey, Sr. Principal Scientist & In-Charge, Patent Information centre(PIC), M.P. Council of Science & Technology Bhopal, where he addressed about understanding of Intellectual property, IPR Acts in INDIA, importance of copyright and trademark.
The conversation initiated by explaining types of knowledge. Dr. Choubey differentiated between Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Design, Geographical indication, Layout design to Integrated Circuits, Plant Variety protection and Farmer's right protection.
He majorly focused on following facts:

1. Traditional knowledge is the property of Society.

2. Intellectual knowledge is the property of the individual, but for limited period of 20 years

3. We make use of Intellectual knowledge in daily life, since each and everything we use is an intellectual property and it needs to be protected.

4. IPR is a bundle Right i.e. if a right is been excellent example of Pen, Mobile, Automobiles, etc.
The session was very fruitful as the topic was very much concerned about students innovations and its submission with authorized gesture so that they can protect their own rights too.


  • Date: 11-02-2019