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Sr. No Particulars Your opinion
Agree Partly Agree Do not Agree Neutral
1 Learning value in terms of skills, concepts, knowledge, analytical abilities, or broadening perspectives
2 Applicability/relevance to real life situations
3 Depth of the course content and extent of coverage of course
4 Extent of effort required by students
5 The syllabus was adequate and relevant

  1. How do you rate the student-teacher relationship in the Institute/Department as a whole?
  2. How do you find the Institute’s administrative office?
  3. Did you participate in any of the extracurricular / Cocurrricular activities of the Department / Institute?
  4. What was the attitude of teachers to extra-curricular activities?
  5. After leaving the University how will you talk about it?
Details of the Ward Details of Father/Mother/Guardian


Sr. No Particulars Your opinion
1 Getting admission in SISTec-R for my ward is a matter of pride for me.
2 My ward is improving his knowledge base through interaction with professors of this Institute
3 The curriculum of the course is well designed and promotes learning experience of the students
4 Employability is given focus in the curriculum design.
5 Infrastructural facilities in the institute are adequate
6 The atmosphere in the University is conducive for learning.
7 SISTec-R website is very informative & regularly updated.

Have you visited the College / Department to know the progress of your ward? IF Yes, Whom you met? Please write on the strength of the Department /Institute Your suggestions

  1. Please mention about the subjects/ courses you teach
  2. What curriculum gaps you identified in the present syllabus of the University.
  3. Would you like to suggest any changes in the syllabus to BOS of the university?
  4. Do you suggest any value addition to Institute / Department for better student learning
  5. How can we develop a better industry-Department interaction, how do you define your
  6. Suggest a innovative teaching method for effective learning that yielded result.


Sr. No Particulars Very good Good Average Poor
1 Campus Environment
2 Canteen facility
3 Interaction with administration
4 Internet Facilities
5 Computer facilities
6 Recreational facilities
7 Co-curricular & Extra-curricular activities
8 Sports facilities
9 Laboratory facilities
10 Examination System
11 Discipline
12 Support for faculty development

Substantial (High) -3 Moderate (Medium) -2 Slight (Low) - 1
Sr. No Particulars Indicators
1 Technical Competency
2 Leadership & Professional Ethics
3 Self Motivation
4 Proficiency in Soft skills
5 Innovative ideas generation

Strength of the Programme Opportunities for Improvement with reference to part A
C. Have you visited our Institute? If yes, what was your overall impression of the Institute, describe.

Substantial (High) -3 Moderate (Medium) -2 Slight (Low) - 1
Sr. No Particulars Indicators
1 Benefits of fundamental knowledge gained in professional life
2 Effectiveness of Practical exposure in professional life
3 Impact of inputs to overall grooming and personality development
4 Motivation to lifelong learning
5 Ability gained to serve the Society