Admissions - 2024

Inner Event

SISTec Swagat: Staff Induction Program


College Level Event

General Activity

"Empowering the team's journey, by fostering growth and unity from day one is the tradition of Sagar Group. Carrying on this tradition, Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec and SISTec Ratibad conducted a Staff Induction Program to welcome the new 'Sagarites' from both campuses and generate in them a feeling of belongingness for the organization. Sagar Group of Institutions-SISTec played host to this event named "SISTec SWAGAT".

The event started off with the ceremonial lamp lighting followed by a presentation on Sagar Group by Ms. Neha Nanwani (Asst. Manager HR, SISTec) and Ms. Rashi Paliwal (Asst. Manager HR, SISTec Ratibad). The event was graced by the honorable Director of the Sagar Group of Institutions Dr. Jyoti Deshmukh, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Rajoriya (Principal SISTec Gandhi Nagar), Dr. Manish Billore (Principal SISTec Ratibad), Dr. Kuldeep Ganju (Principal SIPTec), and Dr. Swati Saxena (Vice-Principal SISTec Gandhi Nagar).

In a series of sessions, the dignitaries gave inspiring words about the group culture, workings of SISTec colleges, duties & responsibilities; acclimatizing the faculty to the new environment, and getting them acquainted with the Group. Following a short self-introduction by the new joinees, the HRs of both campuses: Ms. Neha Nanwani and Ms. Rashi Paliwal covered HR Policies. Along with this, a team-building activity was organized for the new joinees to get to know their colleagues in a different way.